Bamix Gastro 350

The Bamix Gastro350– As with the Bamix Gastro 200 this machine is designed for commercial applications (the bamix gastro’s have longer shafts), and in our view, that’s where this model should stay!

It is a great machine but with a shaft length of 29cm, it really will be very unwealdy for just about everything you are likely to need it for.

Shaft length for the standard (Mono, Deluxe and Gordon Ramsay models) is 14cm, for the Gastro 200, 19cm and for the Gastro 350 a whopping 29cm long.


  • The bamix Gastro has a curly mains cord which keeps everything rather tidier.
  • The Gastro’s also include a rubber membrane over the switches to stop any liquid getting into the works.


  • Because of the bamix Gastro’s longer shaft, you can’t use the worktop stand and will have to either keep it in a drawer, or better in the wall mounted stand included with the machine.
  • You’ll only get a 1 year commercial guarantee (this is because it is assumed it’ll get hammered in a commercial environment)
  • No dry grinding mill included
  • No recipe book included
  • Price



Speed Rating:

Low Speed – 18,000 RPM
High Speed – 22,000 RPM


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